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  • Creates awareness among students regarding acts and punishments pertaining to ragging activities.
  • Creates cordial relations among students for fulfilling organizations mission and objectives.
  • Creates ragging free atmosphere in and outside the campus.
  • Anti ragging committee appoints an Anti-ragging squad who are empowered to inspect places of potential ragging and make surprise raids on hostels, canteen, play ground, garden within the campus of the college.
  • In addition students were made to fill out anti ragging affidavit duly signed by parents.
  • Elements of ragging and its punishment have been displayed in the corridors of the institute to pass information.
  • Plans and schedule cultural events for the academic year.
  • Co-ordinates with students to arrange events related to teacher’s day, fresher's day, annual day, farewell day, etc.
  • Encourage students for active participation in cultural events like singing, dance, dumb charades, anthyakshari, ek minute, musical chairs etc.
  • Co-ordinator of the committee shall conduct a meeting to discuss tasks about the events.
  • Ensures effective solution to the student grievances with an impartial and fair approach.
  • Encourage the students to express their grievance/problems freely and frankly without any fear of being victimized.
  • Makes teaching and supporting staff responsive, accountable, courteous in dealing with the students.
  • Advises the students to respect the right of dignity of one another and show patience whenever any occasion arises.
  • Advises all staff to be affectionate to the students and not behave in a vindictive manner towards any of them for any reason.
  • Ensures healthy and happier environment with all necessary amenities such as food, bed and wash room.
  • To provide safer accommodation all through frequent surprise visits and continuous supervision.
  • IAEC is a special committee which is intended for regulating harmful acts on the animals in case of experimental procedures.
  • Since the use of animals in such studies requires special consideration, the procedures and the facilities to be used must be reviewed by Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC).
  • Multiple surgical procedures on a single animal for any testing or experiment are not to be practiced unless specified in a protocol only approved by the IAEC.
  • IAEC body comprises of Chair person, CPCSEA nominee, Link nominees & IAEC members.
  • Frames guidelines for optimum utilization of available resources and providing better services.
  • Discusses and finalizes the infrastructure and academic requirement of library.
  • Makes a review for the purchase of new books and journals as per the academic requirements.
  • Checks and inspects the maintenance of library from time to time.
  • To Guide and direct various types of Research Projects both minor and major in progress and to be initiated by the Staff Members of the College.
  • To advise in the development of infrastructure (Laboratories, instrumentations, Library etc.) required for Research activities.
  • To train the teachers to draft / prepare Research proposals / projects to be submitted to various funding agencies like UGC, DBT, DST, ICMR etc.
  • To guide teachers for publication of their research findings in peer – reviewed journals also for “Patenting” their novel / unique research breakthroughs
  • To support the efforts of teachers in developing short term innovative courses for UG and PG students.
  • To create awareness regarding Conferences / Symposia / Seminars / Workshops held at National level.
  • Encourages students for active participation in all the competitions.
  • Conducts interclass, intercollege and state level sports competitions.
  • Maintains stock registers of previous and current year sports goods.
  • Recommends sanction for entry/registration fees to participate in various sports events.
  • Organizes educational and recreational activities for students.
  • Participates in developing the college educational projects and to promote it to students.
  • Proposes activities to the college administration that would improve the quality of life in the school.
  • Inform students about any subject that concerns them.
  • Promote the interests of students among the college administration.
  • Organizes financial campaigns for college life and charitable activities.
  • Enhances self confidence of women students and staff of the institution.
  • Enhances women participation on an equal footing in all areas.
  • Organizes women empowerment programme.
  • Facilitates congenial environment so that women at work place are not subjected to gender specific discrimination or sexual harassment.
  • Develops critical thinking and decision making ability of women students.
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